Outsıde of the development – 4 Games

Hi everyone.

Time for a post after a hard working day. I' ve been messing up with networking of the LW' s match system. In my last blogpost i compared uLink and Photon in a very basic manner. I' m planning to give more information about uLink in time. But for today i just wanted to write something different than technical stuff:)

It' s gonna be a review for 4 games i' ve just played on my iPad.

First one is Room Two which is a great point&click adventure game with very artistic graphics. The game is for those who really like to solve puzzle on p&c adventure games. Many of the puzzles are not very hard to solve, though. You can also use the help button which is on the upper left side of the screen. The game has a very interesting narrative which i couldn' t understand wholly:) so i' m planning to give it another shot in future.

Second one is Shadow Blade. The game, which is an old style 2D platform game with very smooth animations, is very fun to play either by using gestures or joystic controls. The most fun side of the game is there are too many different killing moves which are done automaticly according to the position when you attack.

Badland, the third game, is another 2D side scrolling game. the game is very similar controls with flappy birds:D. But the creator we are controlling are very ugly which made the game fun for me:D trying to pass levels with touching the screen to make the creature fly. There are different mechanics and puzzles to pass in the game.

The last game is a TPS which has been developed with UDK. Epoch 2 is an action game with estonishing graphics and effects. Cutscenes and narrative is also very interesting. I especially like environments either in cutscenes or ingame.

I wanted to do a change and share some of the good games i played on the last days. Hope you' ll also like the games;)


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