The democratızatıon of Game Development

Hi all,

The game industry advancing in a very good way for me. Because it was very hard for many people to dream about game development in the early 90s. With the development of new tools aimed to democratize(with the saying of Unity3D) game development, many started to work on developing games.

This sounds very fantastic that many games will be created. Many people will find a chance to share their dreams with others and offer an experience. Several questions, however, comes to my mind: As many will create games what will be the facts that seperate talenteds from other? The answer for this question will probably be: idea. What i mention with idea contains many thing like concept, narrative, etc. Many people tend to be a game designer but first they need to understand the role of a game designer in a development period. And they also need to realize how the design process can be done. Because it' s not only about throwing some ideas. It' s also about building the mechanics on ideas without destroying the general feeling of gameplay of the game. So while the process of game development being easier day by day some aspects of game design need to be understanded by those who want to be developer.

Other thing, which is not well for me, the industry is getting full of games thrown to the stores or the web without any kind of experience. Maybe you can think this is the way of capitalism. Yes people have right to development a game in 2 hours, with a single mechanic and put it on the stores to try being rich. I think this is killing the game industry. I am a player of 90s who grew with hardcore RPG, strategy games. This is why it makes me sad about games. Nowadays it' s not about creating, it' s about producing. Games become an industrial produces like a bottle cap.

Games are also getting much more easier which means people getting lazy about solving problems. For instance there wouldn' t any clue on Point&Click adventure games in the past. Now, however, i see clues which shows you the exact way to solve a puzzle in a game which means people get impatient about trying to find the solutions. This is another shift in the game industry. In past people who really feel passion about games were playing games. But now, after the games like Farmville, Angry Birds, etc., playing games become something different. Big companies see that casual gamers started to dominate game industry. So those companies started to produce games to monetize casual gamer better which changes the gaming completely. I saw many posts about Dungeon Keeper' s new F&P mobile game. This may be the hottest example for the shift i mentioned.

Despite everything i told above, there is still hope about the future of games. Because indie teams has started to find opportunities to develop games which offers us new experiences. Small teams are getting to achieve success which is making powerfull companies to think about supporting indie games.


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