LanistaWars is a MMO Browser games stayed live for 2 years in Turkey. Player was in the position of a Lanista in Ancient Rome which manages a gladiator team while trying to advance in the social hierarchy with many espionage actions against its competitors.

Game was developed as a Next-Gen browser game in 2012 which was containing 3D match system on the browser. Except trying to fight against its competitors, players could manage their team against other players teams in 3D matches. All the game was developed in house by our engineers. 3D match system was developed with Unity3D.

Action that player could:

  1. Espionage against other players(spies, assassins, etc)
  2. Resource management(Owning taverns and other buildings in the city)
  3. Team management(suiting and training gladiators
  4. 3D multiplayer matches

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